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Jan. 22nd, 2007 | 08:33 pm
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posted by: jediravenclaw in bsg_discussion

ok, so I'm stealing this question from a friend on a star wars message board... ^_^

One will die, one will find that they are Cylon, and one will find Earth.

The above line was just in a BSG commercial on Sci-Fi.

Make your guesses!

And make them now in light of the new episode!

Well...this is speculation, but speculation in light of the last episode..

The one who dies has to be a leader to fulfill the "dieing leader" prophesy. This would lead me too to a conclusion that MAYBE this person is the one to find earth? ... but then I think about it and no...the "dieing leader" dies before he/she reaches earth according to the scrolls.

I also think that Baltar officially negated Laura's claim to be the leader after he saved her. she isn't dieing anymore, and I don't think that they will kill her. Besides, she has to live so that she and Adama can go off and be happy on earth together. ^_^

So! my guesses!
1)Baltar is the leader who will die in the quest for earth. 6 has said OVER and OVER that he "is the chosen one" and we ALL know how THAT role turns out...*nudgenugdewinkwinkAnakincough*

2) Kara is the cylon. This is my guess after the last episode. She is one of the lost 5 and DEFINITLY has knoweldge as to where earth is.

3) As for who will find earth? ... That's a good question and I don't think I'm very confidant in this answer, but I think (as much as I would LOVE it to be Bill) it'll be Lee. I've thought that Lee is going to find earth ever since the whole "ARROW OF APOLLO WILL LEAD US TO EARTH" thing. can you say "foreshadowing"? Sure ya can...

what do you think?

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