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So Say We All

A Community for BSG Discussion

Battlestar Galactica Discussion - Spoilers Allowed
Colonial One
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Please Take Notice!

1) This is a Spoilers ALLOWED community. We are not going to require spoliers to be put behind lj-cuts.

So please, do not flame anyone for posting spoilers. Do not run to a moderator to take off posts with spoilers. You have been warned. :)

That being said, enjoy! This is a community for the discussion of BSG in all of its glory!


2) And please, discussion only. Icon posts or other graphics are cool once in awhile, but please no fanfiction, advertisements for other communities, etc etc. There are other BSG communities for them and I'm sure we are all regulars to those also. :)


3) "Discussion only" does not have to mean terribly thoughtful discussion though. Granted, we would like to see some thought-provoking questions being asked, but this does not mean generic "Could Starbuck take Apollo?" questions are forbidden.

...The answer, according to Jamie Bamber by the way, is that she could take him "any day of the week" :)


4) Please, when posting, do us a favor and put the main idea of your post in the subject heading! This just makes life easier for everyone...


P.S. My main computer is currently in the shop, but once I get it back I will revamp this place with a proper background, banner, icon, colorbars, etc ^_^. I promise!